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Summer Holiday Stop 2: Salisbury & Stonehendge

Lo and behold, we have reached Wales at last and what is (almost) even better I have WLAN again!;)
So of course the timing is perfect for a short follow-up of our trip to south England.

Day 1: Druids and Priests
We arrived in Salisbury after a nice trainride through green countryside and made good some time by buying our bustickets for Stonehendge directly from our friendly conductor - 50p discount and all!;)
After joining the cattle drive round-trip around the circle, we then included a detour to Old Sarum, an early medieval settlement complete with ruins & grazing sheep.

Back from the peaceful Whiltshire countryside we ended our day with listening to Evensong at the Salisbury Cathedral (amazingly beautiful, be prepared for at least 100 church-window pictures;) and a British dinner (sausage casserole & mashed potatoes) at our youth hostel.
Highlight of the day: Salisbury youth hostel has everything you can hope for in a reasonable hotel (comfy rooms, beautiful gardens, good food & friendly staff) but charges around half the price! Next time we'll stay longer!!!:)

Today we visited Cardiff, but that is another story and shall be told another time!;)

Click HERE for all the photos!

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