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Summer Holiday Stop 5: York

We had high hopes but unfortunately it turnes out that the English weather forecast was not so far fetched after all...
But even with the rather annoying downpour we were not exactly bored, so we try to see the bright side: We want to continue our trainroute through green fields tomorrow so a bit of nourishing water can not hurt!;)

Day 1: The colours of light
On our first day in York the weather could not have been better - light, breezy and not too warm - ans do we saw the old city center at its best. All in all it reminded me a lot of Bruges - very old, charmingly beautiful and packed with tourists!;)
Highlight of the day: York Minster! The stained glass windows here are a medieval world-wonder and their beauty can hardly be caught on photos - which did not stop me trying!;)

Day 2: Walking in the rain
The only possible downside to staying in York, in comparison to other cities we have stayed at, is the high prices for museums, exhibitions & restaurants. Still the gruesome weather today left us no choice - staying outside for long was just no option! So we began the day at the Yorkshire Archeology Museum and ended it with the Jorvik Viking Center exhibition (a kind of sciency disneyland ride;).
Highlight of the day: Taking a walk along the city walls around the city. This is not something you can do everywhere!:)

Now we are hoping for better weather tomorrow for our first taste of Scotland!

Click HERE for all the photos!

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