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Summer Holiday Stop 6: Glasgow

A trainride really can be quite relaxing if you don't overdo it - but if you have to overdo it then at least you can catch up with the last days (sad but true) of this years holiday.:)

Day 1: (T)rains
The gruesome weather continued unfortunately so we took our time going north and tried the British Bummelbahn.;) In the afternoon it was at least mostly dry, so we could go for a short walk and have a look at the Peoples Palace (a kind of community museum of everyday-life in Glasgow through the ages).
Highlight of the day: A first taste of Scottish - for me the best British accent ever!;)

Day 2: Nice and creepy
We discovered a certain type of rain today we called Scottish Mist - light but persistant.;) Still we did a grand tour of the city center on foot, starting with Glasgow necropolis and cathedral & finishing with the vast university campus overlooking the city. The buildings here are much darker and aged looking than well-sandblasted York, but they have a more authentic feel - I think I did some of my best shots here, especially of the cathedral and the Frankenstein university main-hall on its hilltop!:)
Highlight of the day: The pipes & drums world championship open rehearsals all over town - walking through parks to bagpipe music feels very traditional when you're in Scotland!;)

We could not stay for the championship main-event, but as we were going to Edinburgh for The Tattoo I was not too sad...;)

Click HERE for all the photos!

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