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Summer Holiday Stop 3: Cardiff & Swansea

If I put in maybe another years worth of hard work I *might* yet get conversational in French - packing all three of my self-study French books for this holiday was very optimistic though, week one having brought me to the middle of book 1;)...
But as long as I live I'll never get the hang of Welsh, I'm sure about that - even the Welsh-English gives me problems...;)
Apart from that though our three days in Wales have passed very comfortable indeed.

Day 1: Follow the Waterside-Road...
Getting to know the city of Cardiff, the Castle (a historians dream!!!) and the Bay with its futuristic opera house - not only Australians can build those!;)
Highlight of the day: Spending the morning around Cardiff Castle and its beautiful parks. Come and see it, London hardly compares!;)

Day 2: The sea and me!
A seaside visit to the nearby Swansea reveals a lot of wild, exessively green countryside, even more sheep, a lot of mining industry and the ocean!
Highlight of the das: The sea!!! Everytime I see it I realize how much I miss it. If I find the words someday to express this feelings it'll make a nobel-prize poem, so watch out!:)

Day 3: Visiting Holy-Geek-Land
Some of you might have heard me referring to myself as a geek - and in some specialized areas I'm confident to live up to that label. But after spending all day at a Dr. Who Fan-Tour (a gift for the husband) I'm forved to conclude that there is much out there I don't even want to know about... Still I got taken out for pizza afterwards and to see many small villages along the way I'd never otherwise have visited - the perks of wifely duties!;p
Highlight of the day: Impersonating the doctor for a small scene on the original filming location definitely made Ben's day, so I give that highlight to him.;)

Tomorrow we are going north!

Click HERE and HERE for all the photos!

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  1. Oh dear, how exciting! Conversational in french! It is also a goal I aspire to reach within my humble life time. We could be study buddies O.O Hnh?
    Tu ne veux pas parler en anglais à la téléphone avec moi, mais comme etait parler en français? Tu peut corre...dingens mes erreurs grammaticales et chauses. Quels libres est-ce que tu äh... benutzer pour etudier? :D

    Das captcha sagt: abscente. Pah. Ganz absent ist mein Französisch nun doch nicht.

  2. Look-it dat. Schickt der das auch ganz ohne Namen ab. Die tine wars. Falls nicht am einzigartigen Stil erkenntlich ^^


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