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Summer Holiday Stop 7: Edinburgh

Upon arriving in Edinburgh and seeing our Hostel room we were kind of glad that we would only need it for one night - the city itself however is definitely worth staying longer!:)

Day 1: Hitting the High Road
As we had only limited time to look around we started with the High Road linking Holyrood House (a royal residence to this day) to Edinburgh Castle (a medieval residence). Exploring the city center during the Festival Season is a culture schock however - not even London was so loud and overcrowded...So all in all escaping to the green parks was a relief!;)
Highlight of the day: The tattoo show of course! Whatever you might think of armed forces in general, they support great musicians - and quite a few sport stars on the side.;)

Day 2: The long walk home
Well no, we took the train really, but you get the idea!;)
Highlight of the day: Send a lot of postcards and caught all the connections on time *yeah*!;)

Tomorrow I'll start sorting through the 1500something photos I took and be finally reunited with my laptop - even if its nice and authentic to blog from the UK in English, I miss my German keyboard full of Umlauts!;)
Good fight, good night!

Click HERE for all the photos!

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